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Never had thoughts of maintaining a site like this. Since i have got one. I should put something into this :D

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My blogs
project 1
Pahan's Diary

I am a blogger since october 2008. started with blogger.com's blog and now pahan's diary on a selfhosted wordpress

project 1

This is a community blog there are several writers cotributing this blog.

project 1

We successfully developed and implemented an Information System of National Institute of Library and Information Sciences (NILIS) for our System Analysis and Design Group Project and for our Software Development Project. Primary Requirement was to build a web site which NILIS staff can easily update.

We suggested and developed an information system with e-learning features. We provided 8 access levels for different kind of users.

project 2

This is a Mozilla Firefox extension which enables Sinhala Unicode virtually in any OS. The Project idea, supportive ideas and testing was mine. And Isuru Udana developed it for his level 3 project.

qschrome logo

This is a chrome extension which enables sinhala unicode on google chrome where users do not have administrator privileges to install unicode . Still its early days of developing & currently Singlish Feature is available which allow users to type in Sinhala Unicode without getting used to wijesekara keyboard layout.

Who will be benefited from qsChrome?

• Sinhala bloggers & blog readers community
• Sinhala Wikipedia contributors.
• Mac users who don’t have a Sinhala Unicode input method
• Any users who are using a Operation system which capable of rendering Sinhala Unicode but does not have sinhala input method.(ex:-various linux distros like Slax, Mandriva)
• Anyone who wants to type Sinhala Unicode with transliteration method.
will benefited from qschrome

Future improvements

It is possible to integrate all Sinhala Unicode features into it. But it takes time. These are these future versions of qsChrome may include
• Integrated Sinhala rendering engine together with Sinhala Unicode fonts which will enable the extension to use in a computer even without Sinhala Unicode installed.
• Implementation of wijesekara keyboard layout.
• Further improvements of transliteration method.

project 3
Exploration Club

I am an active member of UCSC Exploration Club which conducts workshops for children in rural areas. I am a member of the Editorial board of “ Siyasara“(සියසර) magazine published by UCSC Exploration Club also.

About me


I am Pahan Sarthchandra and I am a 3rd year undergraduate at UCSC(university of Colombo School of Computing) and interested about anything related to networking and linux and web developing......

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